When It Makes Sense to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early » Mortgage Masters Group

When It Makes Sense to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early » Mortgage Masters Group

Many well-informed folks would argue that even after you’ve paid off all of your high-interest loans and obligations, it simply doesn’t make good financial sense to pay off a mortgage. But for us, p aying off the mortgage means one less cloud hanging over our heads financially. hard to put a price on that. There are more objective reasons.

QUESTION: Laura on twitter asks dave to explain paying off the mortgage versus keeping it for the tax deduction. ANSWER: If you have the opportunity to pay off your home and you don’t pay off your home in order to keep the tax deduction, that would be an indication that you are poor at mathematics. It’s a nice way of saying you’re stupid and you believe cultural lies that are out there.

If your interest rate is 5.5 percent, paying off an extra $1,000 of the mortgage principle each year equals $1,000 at 5.5 percent. Depending on your finances, you can make the added payments on a regular basis — for example, some people make a half-payment every two weeks instead of one payment a month, which adds up to 13 months’ worth of.

“One of our clients is keen to come off of his five-year. to consider is whether your existing lender will let you switch to one of its new deals. While Nationwide will let borrowers redeem a.

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PSA: Why you SHOULDNPaying off your mortgage ahead of schedule is more plausible than you think. If you play your cards right and set your financial habits to this goal, you might be surprised at how easy it could get. Talk to your financial adviser or a mortgage professionaltoday to discuss the best payoff tactic for your current financial setup.

I paid off my mortgage within 1 year! In this video I go over exactly how I did it. You may not be able to pay off your mortgage that fast but it may help you pay off your mortgage in 5 years or.

If t doesn’t show up in a month or two, call your mortgage lender and ask them to make sure it does. When Refinancing Makes More Sense Consider a refinance instead of a payoff, if you are.

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