South Florida a Haven for All Types of Fraud

South Florida a Haven for All Types of Fraud

Insurance fraud is the act of illegitimately seeking payment from an insurance provider for a false claim on an insurance policy. It covers a wide spectrum of different possible acts and crimes, as each instance of insurance fraud could be slightly different from another.

What is it with Florida and fraud? Steve Kroft knows a thing or two about Florida scams. They’re as abundant as the oranges that grow there. 60 Minutes takes a look back

Miami south florida cuban Insurance frauds By all accounts, Scott and other officials. "We really have not seen state or federal funding in this type of adaptation, unless it comes after a storm." A coalition of four South Florida counties,

The company reports that a financial industry index of mortgage fraud ranks the South Florida metropolitan area No. 1 nationally, with 12.3 percent of all such fraud reports in 2013, the most.

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Every day, all day, we are assaulted by phone calls from con artists. fake charities unleashed a barrage of calls pleading for donations to help victims. In South Florida, where fraud proliferates.

NFC Mortgage Company, LLC now known as BayCoast Mortgage Company, LLC; name change effective as of May 8th Amerifirst Opens Central Florida Branch – Amerifirst Home Mortgage, a division of Amerifirst Financial Corporation, has expanded its footprint in the southeastern united states with the opening of a new branch in the Central Florida region of Lakeland, the ninth retail site for Amerifirst in the state of Florida.

What Constitutes As Fraud Under Florida Law? Fraud is the purposeful falsification of information, the perversion of the truth, or the false representation of a matter of fact. In essence, fraud is lying, but on a grand scale.

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Fraud is a word that conjures up many images in your mind. Maybe your definition of fraud is someone lying to you, stealing from you or conspiring against you while pretending to help you. All of these are true.and it can happen to your nonprofit if you don’t know how to protect it.

Fraud is a crime, and is also a civil law violation. Many hoaxes are fraudulent, although those not made for personal gain are technically not frauds. Defrauding people of money is presumably the most common type of fraud, but there have also been many fraudulent "discoveries" in art, archaeology, and science.

Once a fraud alert has been added to a consumer’s credit report, it may be more difficult for an identity thief or credit card scammer to open more accounts in the consumer’s name. This type of fraud alert is free, and available to all consumers. The credit reporting agency will require that the consumer provide proof of identity.

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