Reasons to Travel and Stay in Palm Beach – Life With Lisa

Reasons to Travel and Stay in Palm Beach – Life With Lisa

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Lisa had heard of an intensive in-patient treatment center in Palm Beach County, Florida. they took a photo with legendary hockey announcer bob cole. That visit would prove significant for two.

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When I think of the best places to retire, I envision quiet suburban communities near the beach, where the main streets are.

4 Safety Tips Every Traveler Should Know. July 13, 2019 – 1 Comment. It’s very easy to get swept up in the excitement of traveling, with so much to plan, so much to pack and even more to organize and decide.

South Florida's Palm Beach is known nationwide for its long beaches and thriving downtown scene. Vacationing in Palm Beach will provide.

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But the mid-February raids at several parlors in Palm Beach. In one north beach parlor, detectives found a hidden drop-down compartment in the ceiling that contained a jar full of condoms. “There.

Easy to visit, The Palm Beaches are located about 60 miles north of Miami and broadly cover a 2,000-square-mile region in Southeast Florida. Some of the most popular of the 15 districts include west palm beach, Palm Beach, and Delray Beach. Here are 10 of the best locally known secrets:

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Sure, you may be familiar with Florida’s Palm Beach. But have you heard of the Palm Beaches? The surrounding communities have some secrets hiding in plain sight. While they are known for their pristine beaches, diverse cities and towns (39 of them), and great weather, they also have the best in food, attractions, and entertainment.

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Like The Colony, you don’t have to stay at the Brazilian Court to appreciate it. Emily and I had an amazing French-inspired brunch outdoor on the stunning terrace of their award-winning Cafe Boulud. All in all, Palm Beach is the perfect winter getaway. just as it was more than a century ago!

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