Home equity tax deduction loss complicates a popular way to pay for college

Home equity tax deduction loss complicates a popular way to pay for college

Taxpayers used to be able to take a home equity loan or tap into a home equity line of credit, spend the money on whatever they wanted (pool, college tuition, boat, debt consolidation) and the interest on the loan was tax deductible. For borrowers in higher tax brackets this was a huge advantage.

The standard rule is that a couple can deduct the interest paid on up to $100,000 in home equity loan debt and a single filer can deduct the interest on up to $50,000. So if a couple has a $100,000 home equity loan and paid $7,000 in interest on it over the course of the year, they can take a $7,000 deduction on their joint tax return.

For example, making extra mortgage payments prior to the end of the year would entitle the taxpayer to claim interest for that tax year. Another way deductions. home equity loan of $100,000 with an.

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And if you have $20,000 outstanding on a home equity line of credit and are paying 4.5 percent interest on that annually, that’s $900 in annual interest that used to be tax deductible for many.

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To pay for the tax breaks, the tax law erased many deductions that millions of taxpayers claim every year. These popular deductions. if you take out a home equity loan on your home and used the.

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California’s progressive tax structure means about 43,000 top-bracket residents earning more than $1 million a year will pay. loss of the full deduction, especially those who purchased in recent.

Under the new tax reform bill, home equity loan interest deduction is gone. Technically, the law goes effect January 1, 2018, so 2017 will be the last year that homeowners can write off the home equity loan interest. Read more about tax laws and deductions for homeowners from the IRS.

"The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, enacted Dec. 22, suspends from 2018 until 2026 the deduction for interest paid on home equity loans and lines of credit, unless they are used to buy, build or.

As the name implies, the alternative minimum tax, or AMT, is a different way. deductions that were formerly added back in for AMT purposes. For example, miscellaneous itemized deductions such as.

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