Did the Wall GoFundMe Founder Use the Money to Buy a Yacht?

Did the Wall GoFundMe Founder Use the Money to Buy a Yacht?

 · Kolfage, an Air Force veteran who served in Iraq, set up the group as a nonprofit in January after initially attempting to raise funds for a wall through a GoFundMe page late last year.

The zoo's owner, Rick de Ridder, recently started a GoFundMe. Our plan was to pay cash and refinance it with the bank and get all. One incentive to donating to the zoo is the new donor wall that will be built near the zoo's entrance. Original content available for non-commercial use under a Creative.

While GoFundMe is investigating the management of the money, D’Amico and McClure insist they did nothing wrong, with Bobbitt telling the Inquirer panhandling for food and drugs is better than trying.

To facilitate the crowdfunding process, HomeFundMe received approval from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for borrowers to accept money from a wider array of potential donors. If home buyers use HomeFundMe.

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How The "We The People Will Build the Wall" GoFundMe Founder Allegedly Spent The Money on a Million Dollar Yacht & Flossing on The Gram (Photos-IG). Could Get 500k Likes on IG; He Didn't Get It, But Here is What KD Decided to Give. This article draws on the use of an anonymous source whose.

And they might have noticed that one thing the hedge fund mogul did not say is whether he actually lost money off his investments. it would disrupt his plans to use the assets securing his debt -.

 · Kolfage is using the wall money to fly private, range rovers boats, etc.” The post prompted readers to write in and ask Snopes.com whether Kolfage bought a yacht with funds raised for the wall.

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WE BUILT THE WALL!! Our first wall segment is complete just outside of El Paso Texas! We are now working on segment #2. Please keep donating we the people will provide border security for our citizens since Democrats are failing to protect our communities from the flow of illegal drugs and criminals.

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