Be Careful About Putting Only One Spouse’s Name on a Reverse Mortgage

Be Careful About Putting Only One Spouse’s Name on a Reverse Mortgage

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Aline Lajoie obtained the reverse mortgage in 2006 to pay off an. If they want their heirs to inherit the home, they need to put mechanisms in place beforehand.. A carefully calculated formula determines how much a homeowner can.. Some parents tell their adult children about the new loan only after.

A recent case involving basketball star Caldwell Jones demonstrates the danger in having only one spouse’s name on a reverse mortgage. A federal appeals court has ruled that an insurance company may foreclose on a reverse mortgage after the death of the borrower, Mr. Jones, even though Mr. Jones’ widow is still living in the house.

The higher your score, the lower your mortgage rate. 2) Put more money down. a couple may decide the best way to move forward is to only have one of them on the mortgage for this reason, but be.

Mortgage Interest Rates Have Begun to Level Off – Maggie Rose, Realtor, Presents South West Florida Luxury Homes Interest rates spiked in the past couple weeks putting buyers in a frenzy. With interest rates having been this low for so long, the increase was inevitable but buyers are on edge because of it. If you are buying a house and you haven’t locked in your rate, now is the time to do so.

Wisconsin is one of 10 community property states. Debt created during marriage in Wisconsin might be community debt. Be careful — Wisconsin community property law is tricky. Does a deed taken in.

I have a reverse mortgage on my home. I got this loan about four years ago. My husband passed away about eight years ago, so the loan is only in my name. of non-borrowing spouses when it comes to a.

But look at the details and you'll find that there are some significant.. Putting aside the cost of the reverse mortgage and the overlooked risks that are. You need to supplement income to allow yourself or your spouse to remain at home, Again, you have to be careful that you have reserves to continue paying for taxes.

As Foreclosure Problems Persist, Fed Seeks More Fines Fed To Fine 8 More Banks Over foreclosure violations. servicing and foreclosure processing practices. The Fed also released a Feb. 24 letter. inform more than 4.3 million borrowers whose.

Before reverse mortgages, homeowners had two ways to get money from their. specialist or HECM counselor before you decide to put only one name on the loan.. everyone is aware of what happens if you, the borrower, no longer live there. The non-borrowing spouse or other family members do have options, but it's.

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